UCI Internship Programs

For students that are interested in getting involved, an internship on campus can be a great way to get started. There are various departments that offer diverse internship opportunities to help you gain valuable experience and develop transferable skills.

Click on the programs below to learn more about these individual internship opportunities.

UCDC Summer Internship Program

UCDC Summer Internship Program

UCDC is an internship program in Washington, D.C., sponsored by UCI’s Career Center. The program was founded in 1982 by four UCI undergraduates and has experienced rapid, exciting, and dynamic growth ever since. Each year the program selects 40 to 50 outstanding UCI undergraduate students (including graduating seniors) for ten week internships in Washington, D.C. It is an ideal vantage point for students to examine behind-the-scenes activities that shape and implement our nation’s future course.

Sacramento Internship Program

Sacramento Internship Program

The Sacramento Internship Program gives outstanding UCI students an opportunity to intern in the California state capital each summer. Based upon the huge success of the UCDC Summer Internship Program, the Sacramento Internship Program provides career-related internship opportunities in public service, nonprofits, special interest groups, and various other organizations and institutions.

UCI Career Center Peer Program

UCI Career Center Peer Program
  • A 10 hour per/week – academic year long internship beginning in September and ending in June.
  • Interns can receive 4 units of credit each quarter, and the internship can also be used as Social Ecology Field Study Credit.
  • Interns receive extensive training in the Fall Quarter, and then implement what they learn in the Winter and Spring Quarters.
  • Interns advise students about career planning, resumes, job search, interviewing, and graduate school.
  • Interns videotape a student’s practice interview and then provide feedback.
  • Interns provide Career Center orientations and workshops to campus clubs and housing units.
  • Interns promote and market Career Center services through various career fairs and events, postering fliers, classroom announcements, outreach tables, etc.

UCI Professional Internship Program in the School of Social Sciences (Academic Credit)

UCI Professional Internship Program in the School of Social Sciences

This program provides Social Sciences students an opportunity to engage in a professional internship. Enrollment in the Social Sciences 197 course is necessary to receive academic credit for all unpaid internships.

Social Ecology Field Study (Academic Credit)

Social Ecology Field Study

The Field Study requirement is designed to provide students with the opportunity to examine social problems, to evaluate the merit of ideas presented in the classroom, and to educate students in conducting naturalistic observations and investigations. This is a required program for all students affiliated with the School of Social Ecology.

Public Health Practicum – School of Social Ecology (Academic Credit)

Public Health Practicum – School of Social Ecology

Public Health Practicum (PH 195W) is an 8-unit required course for those majoring in Public Health Policy or Public Health Science.

Film & Media Studies Internship Program, School of Humanities (Academic Credit)

Film & Media Studies Internship Program, School of Humanities

This internship option is available to all Film and Media Studies majors and minors of Junior or Senior standing only. Interns must have at least a “B” (3.0) average overall.

Administrative Intern Program (Academic Credit)

Administrative Intern Program

Under the guidance of carefully chosen UCI mentors, Administrative Interns work 10 hours per week in campus departments where they assume responsibility for projects and enhance their leadership skills. Students selected for this year-long program also enroll in a three-quarter course through the Paul Merage School of Business where they receive 12 units of graded credit for the academic year.

UCDC Academic Internship Program (Academic Credit)

UCDC Academic Internship Program

Each quarter, the UCI Washington D.C. Academic Internship Program provides undergraduate students from ALL majors a multi-dimensional educational experience in the nation’s capital. Students undertake cultural and social activities, as well as education and academic pursuits. Students from all UC campuses live and study together while interning at any one of the numerous agencies and organizations in the city and surrounding areas.

SAGE Scholars Program (Paid)

SAGE Scholars Program

SAGE Scholars at UC Irvine is a program dedicated to helping high-achieving and economically-disadvantaged students in developing their professional skills. Open to sophomores and juniors of all majors.

Center for International Education (Possible Academic Credit)

Center for International Education

Internship opportunities abroad, available to all majors.

UCCS- University of California Center Sacramento Internship (Academic Credit)

UCCS- University of California Center Sacramento Internship

UCCS Scholar Interns from UC Irvine participate in two main activities during their residence in Sacramento: an eight unit professional internship for 3-4 days per week with an organization or office that fits with their academic or professional interests and a 4-unit public policy research seminar. Participants can also enroll in a 4-unit elective seminar that complements the public policy research seminar. Participants work at their internships Monday-Thursday and attend class on Fridays. On the weekends interns explore the Sacramento area, study, host visiting family and friends, and take occasional trips back home.