Assessments are a great tool to help you understand how your unique interests, skills, and personality can lead to various career and educational options that could be a great fit for you. Your first step in deciding which assessment might be right for you is to schedule an appointment with a career counselor. 

Appointments can be scheduled on Handshake.

  • From your Handshake homepage, click on Appointments under My University
  • Click on Schedule A New Appointment

Assessment Types

Strong Interest Inventory – $20

Best for students who have not narrowed down their interests OR students who have an idea and are looking for validation or reinforcement.

  • Assesses interests
  • Reveals interest patterns and shows how these patterns relate to occupational choices

Myers Briggs Type Indicator – $20

Best for students who have some idea of what they would enjoy, but are looking for the best fit.

  • Assesses personality
  • Helps to better understand the relationship between behavior and an ideal work environment